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ZAP Slow Zap - Thick CA (1 oz/28,4ml)

Features: Very high viscosity formula. Super thick and strong, allows for part positioning for approx. 30 to 40 seconds. Use Zip kicker to accelerate cure time.

Description: SLO-ZAP CA Is called a thick formula. The thicker the formula, the slower the cure time, that’s why we call it SLO-ZAP. Although it is thick it is still a liquid and will flow. Penetration into porous materials is very minimal. SLO-ZAP is an excellent gap filler and provides extra time when positioning wood parts. In modeling its ideal for laminating wood parts and forming fillets. Because its thick, it will not run, it forms a very clean even fillet around all types of joints. The high cured strength means it works great on higher stress areas. This is a specialty glue and mostly used in modeling, wood working, antique furniture repair, and mold / pattern shops. Wood turners use this product as the final filler when repairing larger cracks. Furniture refinishers use this glue in conjunction with zip kicker to repair loose chair rungs, and mortis and tenon joints. Mold and pattern shops use it to fill in cracks and seams. Use it on fiberglass and fabric to partially fill in the weave and to bond the cloth to the substrate. When dry it produces a very hard surface.

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Product specifications
Main product: vhppt20
EAN: 087093004504
Manufacturer: ZAP
Product Type: Model building & Collectables